Sokeo offers various services for customers in the captive and independent power plant industry with sub-critical, super-critical and ultra super-critical equipment ranging from 6MW to 1000MW capacity. Our services include:

  • Erection & Commissioning
  • Renovation & Modernization
  • Operations & Maintenance services

Erection & Commissioning

Sokeo offers complete Erection & Commissioning services for steam turbines, generators, boilers and gas turbines. Sokeo has an MOU in place with a world class company with extensive experience in the erection and commissioning of subcritical and supercritical power plant equipment and combined cycle power plant equipment of varying capacities. Using a blended resource approach of European and Indian resources, Sokeo is able to offer a compelling, cost competitive package for all your installation and commissioning needs to ensure trouble-free operation of the equipment.

Renovation & Modernization

Sokeo is well positioned to offer assessment of remaining life of power plant and implement recommendations to address several aspects of power plant operations through its R&M services.

    Our objective is to help you achieve:

  • Higher performance/efficiency
  • Higher availability
  • Remaining life estimation and extension
  • Reduction of emission levels
Operations & Maintenance Services

Sokeo offers annual maintenace services where we take overall responsibility for all scheduled and emergency maintenance on the Power Island equipment. We will have Sokeo staff stationed at the power plant to provide labor, tooling and supervision to ensure availability of the power plant. We also perform routine inspections and maintenance procedures as needed during the term of the maintenance contract.