Power Island

Sokeo offers various solutions for power plant equipment in subcritical, supercritical and ultra supercritical ranges from up to 1000MW capacity from OEM’s such as Nanjing Turbine Company,Wuxi Huaguang Boiler Co. Ltd., Harbin Turbine Company and Harbin Boiler Company depending on the customer’s specific needs.

Our product offerings include –

  • Steam Turbine Generator (STG) island
  • Boiler Turbine Generator (BTG) island
  • Balance of Plant (Material Handling systems and more)
  • Gas Turbine Generator (GTG) package
  • Spares for Coal-fired, Simple Cycle and Combined Cycle power plants

The packages we offer include –

  • Design & Review Engineering services
  • Project Management
  • Procurement of Equipment
  • Port Clearance and Inland transportation
  • Erection & Commissioning

Steam Turbines

Sokeo offers Steam Turbines of up to 1000MW capacity from Chinese OEM’s such as Nanjing Turbine Company and Harbin Turbine Company that have a proven track record within China and internationally. For steam turbines, the models we offer are:

  • Straight condensing steam turbine
  • Back-pressure steam turbine
  • Extraction back pressure steam turbine
  • Simple extraction steam turbine
  • Double extraction steam turbine
  • Combined cycle steam turbine


Image of 135MW STG island The generators offered by Sokeo for matching with various steam turbines and gas turbines are air-cooled, three-phase synchronizing units. These turbo-generator sets are operated with the steam turbines rating from 6MW to 1000MW, with air-cooling and AC brushless excitation, incorporating a digital high precision AVR unit. Both coaxial DC excitation or static excitation options are available. The entire generator is housed in box-structure equipped with air cooling arrangement

Steam Generator (Boiler)


Image of 135MW STG island

Sokeo offers steam generators from Harbin Boiler Company Limited (HBC) and Wuxi Huaguang Boiler Co. Ltd., the largest boiler manufacturers in China, for the following models:

  • Natural circulation boiler and control circulation boilers adapting to various fuels
  • Circulating Fluidized Bed (CFB) boiler with high pressure ranging from 220tph to over 490tph
  • Gas & Steam combined circulation heat recovery boiler (HRSG)
  • D-type oil-fired boiler
  • Large ammonia distiller and gasifier
  • PC Fired boiler
  • Super critical once-through boiler
  • Clean coal-fired boiler with high capacity

Balance of Plant

Coal Handling System Image Sokeo offers complete Balance of Plant solutions for power plants including:

  • Coal Handling Systems: Highly experienced team of innovative design engineers are equipped with the latest hardware and software programs, many of which are specially developed for the company. SOKEO also has business relationships with world renowned design organization Sargent & Lundy LLC, Chicago, USA for design support.
Image of Ash Handling System
  • Ash Handling Systems & Coal Mill Reject Handling Systems: With a team of experienced personnel in the design and implementation of ash handling /bulk pneumatic conveying systems, Sokeo is in a position to offer most comprehensive range of wet as well as dry ash handling systems matched by few. Depending on availability of ash disposal area, size of boiler, need for fly ash utilization, pollution control requirement, we offer customized system to meet your requirement.

Gas Turbines


Image of 135MW STG island

Sokeo offers turnkey solutions for open cycle and combined cycle applications from concept to commissioning. Since 1980, NTC is a licensee as a manufacturing associate with GE, USA, for the co-production of Fr. 6B gas turbine. Subsequently, PG6561B-L gas turbine unit with low BTU fuel of coal gas is developed and put into operation in steel & iron plants such as Tonghua Steel Group Co. and Jinan Steel Co. These units achieved excellent results in terms of performance. They met stringent requirements in terms of specification, reliability and compliance with environmental norms and contributed to realize clean power production with economic gains in China’s steel and iron industry. NTC has manufactured sets for S106B and S206B gas-steam combined cycle generating units, which are in operation in China and abroad. In June 2004, a new technology transfer agreement for manufacturing of Frame 9E gas turbine (125 MW) was put in position by NTC and GE, and then, both parties formed a consortium for the bidding of various gas turbine projects and successfully implemented them.

Renewable Energy (Solar)

 Picture1 Energy demand is increasing in rural and urban areas all over the world.  Sokeo offers ways to meet this increasing demand by providing

  • Off-grid and grid-tie options
  • High efficiency imported poly and mono-crystalline panels
  • High quality inverters with worldwide reputation for performance
  • Turnkey solutions including engineering, equipment supply and installation